Sayan Neogie

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Sayan Neogie is an Indian entrepreneur. Sayan started Prosmartrepreneur in 2018.[1]

Sayan Neogie,  of ProsmartrepreneurSayan Neogie, of Prosmartrepreneur




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Sayan started Prosmartrepreneur in 2018. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Prosmartrepreneur?

I kinda experimented with a lot of different online money-making avenues such as YouTube and Social Media marketing but it didn’t work out. Soon enough I read this article about a blogger who makes more than $100,000 every single month from her blog and boy, I was intrigued.

I reached out to a few top players in this field to learn what really goes into building a blog from the ground up and how to make money blogging.

After learning the whatnots, the dynamics, and how money is made in blogging, I jumped right in and started this blog without giving it a second thought.

Fast forward a year later in 2019, I was making enough money that can be considered a “full-time income”. Mind you, I was still in college at that time.

I graduated from college last year (2020) and in December I made around $9500 from my personal finance blog. To be able to make this much right out of college is really something and this is merely just the beginning!

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