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Sasha Weekes is a Canadian entrepreneur. Sasha started Timber Grove Studios in 2017 and is based in Hunter River, PE.[1]

Sasha Weekes, founder of Timber Grove StudiosSasha Weekes, founder of Timber Grove Studios


Timber Grove Studios


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Early Career

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Timber Grove Studios

Sasha started Timber Grove Studios in 2017. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Timber Grove Studios?

I was always the art kid growing up, so I naturally began my post secondary education by pursuing a degree in Fine Arts. I spent my summers refinishing furniture and doing photography and that’s how I got my feet wet with business, so by my second year, I was also pursuing a minor in Commerce.

I had never really done much woodworking at all but became a lot more interested in design and home decor during those years. After finishing my third year, I was itching to do something more practical than becoming a gallery artist, so I set my sights on furniture design and enrolled in a college cabinetmaking course instead. It really wasn’t where I had ever expected to end up, but it was sort of a natural progression and I’m so glad I did it!

I started making mountain shelves in the morning before class to sell on Facebook and Kijiji. It was intended to be a fun side project but they were so popular that I started my business shortly after graduating with the mountains as my first product.

The business format was such a logical choice because although I’d learned to use plenty of tools and equipment in school, outfitting a large woodshop costs thousands of dollars.

Instead, I started out with an old miter saw that my shop teacher sold me for $30, just enough material for a few shelves to photograph, and my biggest investment - a new nail gun and compressor - came to around $350. Fresh out of school with no savings whatsoever, I got only what I needed and got to work on designing products with it.


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