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*Sarah Hickey * is an American entrepreneur. Sarah started Innerglow Art in 2016 and is based in Plano.[1]

Sarah Hickey , founder of Innerglow ArtSarah Hickey , founder of Innerglow Art


Innerglow Art


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Early Career

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Innerglow Art

Sarah started Innerglow Art in 2016. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Innerglow Art?

Growing up I’ve always had this unique passion for art and all things creative. I was that artsy girl in all the art classes in high school and even took a few art classes in College.

> When strangers were noticing my art and asked if I had a website, business card, etc., it really pushed me to start the business.

I never thought I could actually have a “successful career” with art so I majored in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology. I worked as an Assistant SLP for 2 years after graduating and worked for a pediatric home health company. I truly enjoyed working with special needs children with language disorders and thought this was my calling. However, after applying to grad school and receiving rejection letters for the grad program, I was completely devastated. I felt like a huge failure and was so discouraged. In response, I started painting again.

Around this time, painting helped me channel my emotions in a positive way and gave me time to reflect, pray and talk to God. It first started out as a hobby, and within a few months after posting a picture of a painting I created on FB, I was encouraged by friends and family to sell my art. Then opportunities opened up for me to share my art with others - donating my art to non-profit organizations and charities, raising money for my friends going to Ethiopia, and applying to art shows.

When strangers were noticing my art and asked if I had a website, business card, etc., it really pushed me to start Innerglow Art. I was not only reaching the biased views of family and friends, but it seemed that others outside my circle were drawn to my art as well. This gave me the confidence to start an art business. Working for a home health job (where I schedule my client visits) gave me the flexibility to start my own side hustle.

Early on, I knew that if I were to start an art business, I didn’t want to just paint pretty paintings for peoples homes - I wanted to paint with a purpose. I decided for every painting I sold, a portion will be donated to my parent’s non-profit Compassion for the Philippines. They provide basic necessities and food for the poorest of the poor in third world parts of the Philippines.

With the experiences and basics, I learned in school about art and design this all informed my skills and technique with art. Creatives aren’t usually skilled in business, so I sought to find a business mentor early on to teach me. My husband was also a business major and was super business savvy and helped out a lot.

When the custom orders started rolling in, it was difficult to juggle both my home health speech job and my growing art business. By the end of my first year with art part-time, I decided to quit my SLPA job and pursue art full time. Thanks to my wonderful hubby and his six-figure sales job at the time, his salary alone could support the two of us. This allowed me to give everything I had and pursue my dream with art.

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