Sarah Giller Nelson

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Sarah Giller Nelson is an American entrepreneur. Sarah started Less is More Organizing Services in 2010.[1]

Sarah Giller Nelson, founder of Less is More Organizing ServicesSarah Giller Nelson, founder of Less is More Organizing Services


Less is More Organizing Services


Miami, Florida, USA


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Less is More Organizing Services

Sarah started Less is More Organizing Services in 2010. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Less is More Organizing Services?

For 15 years I was a museum curator and art historian. It was a career that I loved but once I had children I surprised myself and realized that I would prefer a career that would give me the flexibility to be more actively involved in family life.

Be flexible. Don’t stress if the launch or the time frame does not go according to plan. Life gets in the way.

While I was taking some time off to figure it out, a very good friend of mine mentioned to me that her laundry room was such a mess that she had hired someone to help her organize it. I did not know this type of service existed (this was, of course, 10 years before Hoarders, Marie Kondo and The Home Edit brought the profession to the forefront of popular culture), but I had always loved to organize, and the idea of starting my own company seemed like an interesting challenge.

I spent a few months training myself on the process of organizing homes for others and learning how to run a business, reading books like Born to Organize and How to Run a Home-Based Organizing Business. I took quite a few classes through the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO, as well. I honed my skills, got some hands-on experience, and built my confidence by helping friends get their spaces organized for free. Organizing is very intuitive, and being able to work with people allowed me to translate tips from books into real-world practice. It also confirmed that professional organizing was a career path that I wanted to pursue.

I love wordplay and have always been very visually oriented. These aspects of my personality became an important part of my brand. β€œLess is More” is not just the name of my company; it is a phrase that allowed me to connect a very rewarding part of my past as an art historian with a new opportunity that really excited me. I had long been a fan of the work of architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, who popularized the term β€œless is more” in the middle of the 20th century. Not only does it describe an architectural style that I admire, but β€œless is more” expresses an approach to organizing and decluttering that I knew would guide my practice. I continue to be delighted by how three words about simplicity can hold such a depth of meaning for me.

Once I settled on a name, I started working with a graphic designer (found via word of mouth) to develop a brand identity, including a logo and website, that embodied the meaning of β€œless is more.” I ultimately launched in January 2010 with money from my savings. Since overhead was so low, there was no merchandise to buy, no storefront to rent, and no employees to manage just yet, I figured I would give myself a year and see how it went. I haven’t looked back.

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