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Sarah Davidson is an Australian entrepreneur. Sarah started Australian Woodwork in 2001 and is based in NSW.[1]

Sarah Davidson, founder of Australian WoodworkSarah Davidson, founder of Australian Woodwork


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Australian Woodwork

Sarah started Australian Woodwork in 2001. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Australian Woodwork?

We two, that’s us, Gregory and Sarah, have always liked traveling and exploring this wide brown land of ours, stopping in little towns, sampling the local produce, looking through local galleries, visiting the big regional markets. These wanderings resulted in the pleasing discovery of a strong culture of skilled woodworking that existed in Australia which prompted us 27 years ago, to open a stall in Sydney’s Rocks Market with the idea that lots of other people would appreciate it too.

We went on to open our Darling Harbour store and then our purpose-built Hunter Valley Gallery, (both now closed) and of course, our online shop.

The genesis of our online shop originated with the next generation, our son, who we happily acknowledge dragged us, with only a little kicking and screaming, into the 21st century, but we remain a small family business with all that implies - we know our products and our woodworkers intimately and customer inquiries will always be attended to by one of us.

The move to being a solely online store came with some challenges that we had not dealt with before in our bricks and mortar stores. Online traffic generation, supply and inventory issues, product photography and protective packaging all had to be learned and it took 2 years before the online store was properly standing on its own two feet. Our son, Ben, taught us everything we know about online marketing and still handles all of it but at least now we understand what is involved.

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