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Sandy Engels is an American entrepreneur. Sandy started The Purple Sage in 2000 and is based in Ethel.[1]

Sandy Engels, founder of The Purple SageSandy Engels, founder of The Purple Sage


The Purple Sage


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Early Career

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The Purple Sage

Sandy started The Purple Sage in 2000. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on The Purple Sage?

As far back as I can remember, I have had a love of anything purple. So it was only natural that purple is my signature color and part of the name of my business. I started making “soap” as a little girl. I would take the little soap scraps and put them in a jar and fill with hot water. I was super excited that I had made soap. Actually it made more of slime than soap, but I was content with my creation. Who knew I was recycling, and repurposing?

Fast forward and I find myself making soap, once again. Only this time, I “know” what I’m doing and I’m loving the creative part. After going to an aromatherapy workshop where they made a form of soap, I remembered how I used to make soap as a child and it sparked my interest to learn how to make real soap. So I started looking online and joined a few Yahoo groups that were about soapmaking. I also bought a few books on soapmaking. I learned how to use lye in a safe manner and to add it to the oils and butter to create the saponification process...I was hooked.

Initially, I made so much soap, that I was just giving it away, and so that became the beginning of The Purple Sage. After all, you can only take so many baths.

As my children grew up and left home (empty nest) I realized there are women just like me that have been caring for others for 2 or 3 decades. Women who are realizing that their nest is becoming empty, but continues to be full. And it’s at this time, that aha moment of…It’s time for me…and so the ritual of bathing and creating a self-care routine begins.

For the modern midlife woman, we need unlearn years of behavior, of putting others first all the time. Starting a bathing ritual is just the beginning...the tip of the iceberg. I encourage women to create a self-care routine, starting with taking a Bubbleaux (bubble O) Bubble Bath. I listened to what women were saying, they wanted to be able to sit and soak with lots of bubbles and oils that would make their skin feel silky soft. They wanted to feel special and to feel pampered in the comfort of their tub. So Bubbleaux was created.

I started experimenting with different formulas until I found one that I liked. Adjusting the amount of bubbles, and oils to soften skin. I also added a product that is safe and helps keep the tub from getting slippery due to the oils. Then I enlisted the help of my friends and clients and we began the fun part of testing. Testing consisted of taking a bubble bath, and giving me feedback, whew, that was hard work!

I always thought, if you build it, they will come. However, that was not the case. It was over a month after my site was up, that I got my first online sale.

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