Samuel E Gordon

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Samuel E Gordon is an American entrepreneur. Samuel started NextWave Social in 2020.[1]

Samuel E Gordon, founder of NextWave SocialSamuel E Gordon, founder of NextWave Social


NextWave Social


Early Career

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NextWave Social

Samuel started NextWave Social in 2020. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on NextWave Social?

Growing up on the east coast as a skateboarder, I always had a lifelong dream to move out to Southern California. After making the move, completing my Marketing and Business Management degree at SDSU, and starting my first successful business - (Shredlights), I had the urge to travel. I took a position as an agent for professional skateboarders, being the middleman between the professional riders and big companies such as Red Bull, Supreme, Nike, GoPro, Tumi, and Vans.

This position allowed me to travel, manage influencers/celebrities with a mass following, negotiate huge asset deals, and hone in on the back end of advertisements through a corporate structure. As my fascination with the data behind ads increased, I knew the next step would be learning how to code and become an all-out marketing machine.

The final sign to create NextWave Social occurred when I was at a wedding. As I had conversations in regards to many of the wedding vendors’ businesses, I realized many of them had outdated websites, never ran ads, or even struggled with their social media presence. The light bulb went off and like most businesses being created - I identified a problem and a need within the service industry and I had the solution.

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