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Samuel Davidson is an American entrepreneur. Samuel started Batch Nashville, LLC in 2013 and is based in Nashville.[1]

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Batch Nashville, LLC

Samuel started Batch Nashville, LLC in 2013. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Batch Nashville, LLC?

During the summer of 2013, my co-founders (Rob Williams & Stephen Moseley) and I were discussing all the great things our hometown of Nashville had to offer, especially in the way of small-batch, handmade gifts and treats. But, there was no one-stop shop to get all of these items (you had to run around town or attend certain farmers markets or festivals).

Could we come up with a way to consolidate all of these local, small businesses making awesome products under one roof?

At the time, my co-founders and I all had other jobs. (I was traveling the US as a public speaker and brand consultant.) But, the three of this couldn’t shake the idea.

Deciding to take small steps, rather than sign a long-term lease for a retail store and invest in all the associated costs (inventory, staffing, etc.), we decided to test the waters with a subscription box concept. We’d call it Batch and offer four Nashville-made items each month as a way for natives and Nashville-lovers to discover the cool, new things being made in Nashville.

Our goal at launch was to get up to 200 monthly subscribers. We were planning to keep our day jobs and this way, we’d get together once a month, pack some boxes with stuff we loved, and repeat the process next month. If by month three we hit the 200 subscriber mark, we’d have a nice side hustle, a little bit of spending money, and a way to keep scratching our entrepreneurial itch.

Lo and behold, we actually hit the 200 mark our first month. And once the first subscription boxes arrived at homes, recipients began to share what they received online. The local media covered what we were doing and sales jumped to 600 for the second month and then 1,000 or month three (well beyond our original goal!).


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