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Samer Awada is an American entrepreneur. Samer started OneSEO in 2018 and is based in Miami.[1]

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Early Career

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Samer started OneSEO in 2018. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on OneSEO?

I attended the University of Central Florida where I majored in computer science. This helped me understand the fundamental concepts of computer programming and software development. The main language used at the university was C. Though it could be fun for some to program in the C programming language, it would simply take too long to get any working software prototype done using it.

For anyone that has an idea and wants to get started, my advice is to simply not get desperate. It takes patience for everything to start falling into place.

I wanted to pick up a programming language built around a framework that could quickly bootstrap applications and get them to market. After doing some digging online, I came across Ruby on Rails. As a software developer who wanted to create web applications fast, this was heaven. The ruby framework is designed to handle all the basic boilerplate logic and common features of an application. It allowed me to work on the actual product idea rather than spending countless hours programming features that have already been programmed before.

However, using a programming framework built in a language that you have never used before could be time-consuming to learn and that was okay with me. I was in no rush. Learning was my main objective at that stage.

While all this learning was happening, I was working full time at an agency in Miami, Florida where I still reside. Being an entrepreneur at heart, I began to reach out to small businesses in the area and offer them a website redevelopment. It was surprisingly easy to close clients for simple website development work. Realizing I could do the work I was already doing for my employer for myself, I stepped away from the agency where I was working and incorporated my own company with a business partner. We called it “Digital Valley” and began to onboard programming and digital marketing clients.

We got the opportunity to work with many clients and build plenty of connections. This was great and we loved what we did, but I quickly realized that the agency model was not for me. Working long hours, scheduling meetings, writing up proposals and having multiple deadlines at a time was very stressful. I had to find a way to pivot into something more scalable.

At times, it didn’t seem like we were working for ourselves, but rather for multiple clients at a time which felt like we had multiple jobs and bosses, completely defeating the purpose of being an entrepreneur. Forty hours in a week was just not enough; I carried a lot of stress and did not want to go down the route of hiring and expanding the agency. It just wasn’t for us.

I wanted to fully step away from this and started to learn about the software as a service (SASS) business model. I didn’t have any product to offer just yet but a quick look at the high demand for SEO from new leads and our existing clients, I figured that if I could package our current SEO services, and offer it directly on our website I could potentially be onto something more scalable.

Me and my business partner at the time decided to dissolve the company and go our separate ways. He accepted an offer from Facebook and I started to work on my startup

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