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Sajin Rajan is an American entrepreneur. Sajin started Epixel Solutions in 2015 and is based in Las Vegas.[1]

Sajin Rajan,  of Epixel SolutionsSajin Rajan, of Epixel Solutions


Epixel Solutions


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Epixel Solutions

Sajin started Epixel Solutions in 2015. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Epixel Solutions?

It wasn’t easy at all, the road to success comes with many obstacles. ‘Unity is strength’, yes, the proverb is true and our team is our strength. We stood strong holding hand in hand, together through thick and thin.

The idea of providing our flagship product came in my mind once I got invited to a trade show. I’m familiar with the direct selling industry but wasn’t aware of the clutter faced by product selling companies. I saw a person standing before empty seats and when I went there, I was amused!

It was a workshop and a guy in his suit was explaining the difficulties faced in the industry but no one was interested to hear it. I thought the workshop was just a waste of time. Yet I thought I’ll give a try for ten minutes and then, off I go!

Who will address these issues”, that was the final words from the man. When I checked my watch, I was surprised. Instead of giving the presentation roughly ten minutes, I spend about an hour! His words were powerful and that made me sit there unaware of the time. Those issues he spoke out from his mouth created a million-dollar idea in my mind.

Automation with advanced and stable software, that was the idea. Even though there exist software providers in the industry, none was providing that extra thing the direct selling companies need. So, I took myself in with my two other partners and developed a world-class system.

Dhanesh and Noufal liked my idea and their 7+ years of expertise in the software industry was crucial. Their expert opinion helped me to validate the idea of developing an MLM Software. Our financial status wasn’t stable but as I mentioned before, together we’re unbreakable!

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