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Ryan Culver is an American entrepreneur. Ryan started Hemp Crate Co. in 2019.[1]

Ryan Culver, founder of Hemp Crate Co. Ryan Culver, founder of Hemp Crate Co.


Hemp Crate Co.


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Hemp Crate Co.

Ryan started Hemp Crate Co. in 2019. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Hemp Crate Co. ?

Ryan came up with the idea in late 2018. The founders (Ryan and Lowell) actually worked together at another eCommerce company. Funnily enough, Ryan was Lowell’s boss. Ryan had been a casual CBD user for a few months when he heard talk of the 2018 Farm Bill coming down the pipeline. The 2018 Farm Bill was what unequivocally legalized CBD on the federal level. Up until that point, it had been very much in a legal grey area. He also was really interested in the recurring revenue model that subscription boxes provide.

We launched the business in ~5 months from idea to website launch, all while maintaining full-time jobs.

With this impetus to start the business, Ryan approached Lowell with the idea. Lowell initially took some convincing to come on board but after starting, we never looked back. We knew that the subscription box model was perfect for the business as it was a consumable product that customers would regularly need to replenish every month. Additionally, it’s a new industry where curation was important. People wanted help deciding which products to purchase and also needed to be educated on how to try CBD.

We established our pillars as Education, Discovery, and Affordability. We wanted to make sure our customers were educated about CBD, were able to discover the products that were effective to them, and could do both of these things affordably!

We had some experience in the eCommerce industry and Ryan has 20 years in the logistics industry. The rest we were able to piece together along the way. Subscription boxes are a relatively low capital-intensive business to start since you can operate on a prepay model. We were both able to maintain full employment while starting the business and still operate it as a side-hustle.

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