Rob Kessler

Founder of Million Dollar Collar
from Los Angeles, California, USA
started March 2013
I am Rob Kessler inventor and co-founder of Million Dollar Collar, the world’s first permanently installed placket stay. It makes casually worn dress shirts look amazing unlike any other product ever offered. Our customers are image-conscious men and women who know that clothing speaks...
I’m Rob Kessler the inventor of Million Dollar Collar, the world's only placket stay, which is similar to a collar stay but goes down the front of your shirt where the buttons and holes are. Most dress shirts, most of the time are worn without a tie, and after my shirt completely colla...
Rob Kessler, inventor of Million Dollar Collar, the world’s first placket stay. It is similar to collar stay, but it goes into the buttons/holes part of a dress shirt to give much-needed reinforcement to the front of any shirt. To date, we have shipped 270,000 units of MDC to people in...