Rick Goren

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Rick Goren is an American entrepreneur. Rick started Rotoshovel in 2019.[1]

Rick Goren,  of RotoshovelRick Goren, of Rotoshovel




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Rick started Rotoshovel in 2019. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Rotoshovel?

After being fired from my corporate job on Thanksgiving weekend, I started a home theater company in 1998. I was determined to build my own brand after helping establish notable companies such as Australian Gold and OnStar. While running Technology Interiors for 24 years, I brought numerous innovative products to market. The Mobile Vision Pro laptop harness secures your workstation to your waist so you can work on your feet, and more recently, the Qube cotton swab dispenser hygienically stores your swabs for easy access.


The Rotoshovel is the latest product I’ve invented and produced. I’ve spared no expense in ensuring the success of the Rotoshovel brand, as it holds the most promise of any of my inventions.

I went outside to bury a speaker but wanted a faster way to dig out the dirt. I looked at the tools in the garage: shovels, post hole diggers, and augers. I got the idea for the Rotoshovel! “Why isn’t there a powered shovel?” I searched online but found nothing. I was surprised but saw this as an incredible opportunity.

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