Rich Clominson

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Rich Clominson is an Argentinean entrepreneur. Rich started Failory in 2017 and is based in Buenos Aires.[1]

Rich Clominson,  of FailoryRich Clominson, of Failory




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Rich started Failory in 2017. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Failory?

I studied Marketing in Argentina and over the years I decided to focus on Digital Marketing. That’s exactly what I do on Failory. My two co-founders have different tasks: one is specialized in web development, and the other in design.

Apart from Failory, I work at a marketing agency. My co-founders also have full-time jobs, which is slowing us down a little bit.

The story behind the creation of Failory is completely ironic:

With my 2 co-founders, we have attempted to build many side-projects with little or no success. Tired of failing over and over again, we had the idea of teaching other people how to succeed with their startups through interviews with failed entrepreneurs. Some might say that we are not the right people to help entrepreneurs, but I think the opposite. In fact, I think we were the chosen ones, as we are specialists of failure.

When our last startup failed, we started kicking around the idea of creating a website that would collect stories of failed startups reflecting about the mistakes they committed. After a competition analysis, we discovered that there was a couple of websites that talked about failed startups, but none who interviewed the owners of those startups. So, inspired by Indie Hackers, we decided we could do this.

Failory was born.

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