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Reid Simkovitz is an American entrepreneur. Reid started Scruffie in 2019 and is based in Dallas, TX.[1]

Reid Simkovitz, founder of ScruffieReid Simkovitz, founder of Scruffie




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Reid started Scruffie in 2019. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Scruffie?

Growing up, I never envisioned I would invent a product. I was a below-average student and ended up barely passing High School. In fact, up until the age of 18, the only thing I had going for me was that I kept my body in good shape and worked out religiously. I was raised outside of Philadelphia, and for the first 5 years of my life, I lived with my grandfather, grandmother, mom, dad, and older brother. My mom took up three jobs at the time which included being a nail technician at night time and on the weekends, which taught me the importance of hard work at a young age.

After transferring to Louisiana State University (LSU) from my local community college, I sought out every opportunity to better myself, wanting to take advantage of the opportunity for a fresh start. I started reading books on business, attending seminars, listening to podcasts, and studying the traits that defined successful people. I finally recognized that I had the potential to be successful, but I just needed an idea to get me started.

That inspiration came at the right time during my second semester at LSU: I was a broke college student at the time, who could only go to the barber once a month. The problem, however, was that the hair on the back of my neck would get out of control in between my haircuts.

After a week, my neck hair would become a mess, so I needed someone to shave it, which was difficult. I just couldn’t shave the back of my neck on my own. I had to go out of my way and awkwardly ask different students in my dorm to do it for me. It wasn’t until I met a fellow student by the name of Andrej Sujansky who would end up being my personal neck groomer. The only awkward part was me running over from my dorm to his with a razor in my hand. Andrej and I ended up working out a deal. He would trim up my neckline every week in exchange for free rides back home when the semester ended. Since he was also from my hometown, it worked out perfectly!

At a certain point, I had this gut feeling that Andrej wouldn’t be available when I needed him at a crucial time. He studied engineering and was busier than the average student so the timing always had to be right.

Then one day it happened. I was invited to attend a formal one weekend and my neck was a lot hairier than usual so I sent my personal neck groomer a text. I wanted to wait until the night before to make sure my neck was freshly cleaned up for the following night. I thought that was enough time for a heads up but Andrej had other plans. So there I was with a hairy neck and this formal I had to attend. I was screwed! I didn’t bother trying to trim it up myself because I didn’t want to risk a crooked neckline. I was forced to attend this black-tie event with an embarrassingly hairy neck! It was in that moment when a light bulb went off in my head that I’d have to create my razor. Almost like a.. neck razor!

Challenges, mistakes, and embarrassments are all a part of the process. It’s not supposed to be easy, otherwise, everyone would be doing it!

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