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Ray Moyers is an American entrepreneur. Ray started HUSKYBEARD in 2016 and is based in Queen Creek, AZ.[1]

Ray Moyers,  of HUSKYBEARDRay Moyers, of HUSKYBEARD




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Ray started HUSKYBEARD in 2016. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on HUSKYBEARD?

So here’s how HUSKYBEARD achieved success despite many beginning failures!

Summer of 2016, I wanted to grow a beard with my friend Daniel. Being both Asian, we had a pathetic, pubic-like patch on our chins, after a full month. With ambition, I wanted to explore how much facial hair I could grow as an Asian male (side note, most Eastern Asian males are bare-faced, so I wanted to stand out). Very soon I stumbled upon Minoxidil 5% (or Rogaine) and its application towards facial hair growth. I actually documented my 1 year experience with this ingredient on Youtube, and have had over 2 million people view my patchy beard growth. It’s weird I know. (Youtube link at bottom if you are curious lol)

While I was on this Minoxidil Beard Growth Journey (as they call it), I learned that hundreds of thousands of men had the same desire as me: to grow facial hair. Being a natural born entrepreneur, I decided to execute the idea of a beard growth cosmetic and solve this problem.

I was immediately stigmatised and bashed on YouTube and other popular online forums, and was accused of being a scammer trying to sell “snake-oil”. My reputation plummeted but I decided to go for it anyway. I wanted it to be so effective and prove all of the haters wrong.

So I spent about about $1,000 on this project, read 100s of 30 page clinical studies on hair growth ingredients and the science of hair growth, and consulted with cosmetic experts, regulators, and chemists. Over 1,000 hours was spent on this project. I had a dream and I know how to achieve it.

But one day, a cosmetic legal regulator advised me to surrender this pursuit. This “cosmetic” I dreamt of creating was, under FDA’s regulations, a “drug”. And drugs require over 8 years of experimentation, and over $2,500,000 for it to be approved and ready for the market. I entertained the idea of “skipping this process”, but he told me of a guy who ignored his advice and ultimately had $800,000 worth of his materials destroyed by the FDA, just like that. Without warning, without mercy. That crushed any hope I had left.

I had spent 10 hours, every day, for months, got ridiculed and vilified, spent almost all of my savings, and got “nothing” in return (so I thought at the time). It was hard on me.

But rather than dwell on this “failure”, I took it as an opportunity and shifted from the idea of beard growth, to beard care. This pivot was the most important event that defined my success to come.

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