Ray DelVecchio

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Ray DelVecchio is an American entrepreneur. Ray started Website Profit Course in 2015.[1]

Ray DelVecchio, founder of Website Profit CourseRay DelVecchio, founder of Website Profit Course


Website Profit Course


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Early Career

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Website Profit Course

Ray started Website Profit Course in 2015. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Website Profit Course?

Growing up, I was a computer geek and a good student. My favorite subjects were math and science, which led me to major in computer & electrical engineering. During my senior year, our graduating class met with a professor to discuss our future.

> One of the first pieces of advice that has stuck with me is you only own two things on the internet - your website and your email list. Everything else is on someone else’s platform, and you’re at the mercy of their algorithm.

He asked, “who here has a job lined up”? About half the class raised their hand.

The next question was, “who here is going to graduate school”? Another quarter put their hands up.

I was in the minority who didn’t have a plan and felt uncertain of what decision to make.

He encouraged us to apply to a Master’s program since it would likely be free tuition with a research stipend, allowing us to earn an extra $10-15K per year once we did find employment.

So that’s what I did.

Looking back, it was the wrong decision, yet it made my vision very clear.

Everyone around me at graduate school was insanely passionate about engineering. Meanwhile, I burnt out.

By the end of graduate school, though, I found something that captured my interest, and it was building websites.

It started by learning HTML & CSS basics and progressed to using content management systems like WordPress.

After finishing grad school, I moved back home with my parents and decided to pursue web design full-time. At the time, I had no money coming in.

My first clients came through referrals from my network. Over the years, my business slowly grew, and I felt more confident identifying the right clients that matched my skills, turning them into recurring customers.

I made a bit of money through blogging in the early days, but they all flamed out because the subjects weren’t true passions. With authentic freelancing experiences to share, I gave it another go by teaching what I learned about client web design.

I bought my domain in late 2014, launched the blog, and published my first YouTube video in January 2015, then self-published a book on Amazon in May 2015. Below is the original book brainstorm.


Within a year, I created the first digital product, which morphed into the current Web Design Business Pro membership.

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