Ramesh Krishnamurthy

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Ramesh Krishnamurthy is an Indian entrepreneur. Ramesh started Inquizity Metanoia in 2011 and is based in Mumbai.[1]

Ramesh Krishnamurthy, founder of Inquizity MetanoiaRamesh Krishnamurthy, founder of Inquizity Metanoia


Inquizity Metanoia


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Inquizity Metanoia

Ramesh started Inquizity Metanoia in 2011. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Inquizity Metanoia?

Graduating from IIM-Ahmedabad, I started my career in Consulting with KPMG where I worked with several clients solving strategy and operations problems. I had the experience of setting up a greenfield diamond jewellery manufacturing project in HK/China very early on and further as part of the Inclusive Markets practice of Monitor Group, also led the implementation of Low-Cost Housing projects working closely with a developer in Ahmedabad.

My introduction to Supply Chain was serendipitous. When I implemented SAP ERP in the jewellery factory, I came to realize the lacunae in ERP systems in the areas of Planning. I also realized that a lot of companies were doing their Planning in Excel spreadsheets. After coming back from HK/China, I was looking at some partners to work within the supply chain area. That started the journey when I started selling and implementing mainly production planning and scheduling module.

What started as selling and implementation of a single module of Production Planning tools soon morphed into the creation of an end to end Supply Chain Planning solution as described above as we started encountering a whole bevy of problems in various aspects of the Supply Chain. We have had the pleasure of working with a fantastic set of customers who not just put their faith in us and also had the patience and perseverance in allowing us to create solutions specific to their requirements. Supply Chain is complex and our solutions are complex; our customer's leap of faith is something that we are ever grateful for.

While we were solving complex supply chain problems using data-hungry mathematical/statistical and heuristics models, we were continuously confronted by one common, acute problem that was present in pretty much every client situation; the lack of a single system to capture operational data from the Supply Chain.

At about this time, AWS Cloud and Azure were making their mark, bandwidth was improving and people were warming up to Cloud technologies.

We then invested our efforts into creating a platform called dataSAVI that would help Digitalise / Automate the process of capture, aggregation, visualization, and analysis of data.

Having dataSAVI platform now allowed us to not just give Supply Chain Planning Solutions but also add Supply Chain Automation solutions with most customers actually using a combination of the two. Not just that, the platform can be used for Automation of any Operations across Supply Chain and Services. We have actually built the entire solution for a Start-Up in the logistic space on the dataSAVI platform.

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