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Raivis is a Latvian entrepreneur. Raivis started Coffee Pixels in 2010 and is based in Riga.[1]

Raivis,  of Coffee PixelsRaivis, of Coffee Pixels


Coffee Pixels


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Early Career

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Coffee Pixels

Raivis started Coffee Pixels in 2010. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Coffee Pixels?

My journey up to this point has been going through fields of hospitality, IT, corporate sales and back to hospitality, this time running a coffee shop - the place I really fell in love with coffee.

Make sure that someone isn't already solving the problem that you're about to tackle, or, more importantly, if there even is a problem at all.

Back in 2010, with the same team, we started coffee pixels, we launched a healthy lifestyle coffee shop in Riga, Latvia. We served vegetarian snacks, food & hi-quality coffee, known as specialty or 3rd wave coffee. There I found about the true story of coffee & how it can taste if done properly.


The newly acquired passion led me deeper into coffee science until I became a coffee educator myself. From managing own cafe, I went to work with the largest hospitality service provider in the country to develop a coffee service department & train others to become a barista. I also was colaborating with the Specialty Coffee Association.

A couple of years later with the other founders of the coffee shop we were brainstorming on the future of our business ventures. We felt like our journey needs a new direction & starting a production business within coffee felt like a way to go. We assumed that the positive impact we could make towards the more sustainable industry would be much greater once we grow outside our block.

One day surfing online I found that some people had tried combining roasted coffee with cocoa butter, to make 100% coffee bar - coffee chocolate without cocoa powder. I really fell in love with the idea, as it meant that the coffee bean can be used completely, without any grinds left.

So we went for a step & purchased the necessary piece of equipment to try things out.

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