Raghuraman Ramamurthy

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Raghuraman Ramamurthy is an Indian entrepreneur. Raghuraman started Rapid Acceleration Partners in 2017.[1]

Raghuraman Ramamurthy, founder of Rapid Acceleration PartnersRaghuraman Ramamurthy, founder of Rapid Acceleration Partners


Rapid Acceleration Partners


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Rapid Acceleration Partners

Raghuraman started Rapid Acceleration Partners in 2017. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Rapid Acceleration Partners?

There was no particular lightbulb or Eureka moment, but in 2017, during conversations about the future, I realized the AI market was ripe for the picking and wide open for new entrants. Particularly entrants that tackled the challenge of automating the processing of unstructured content and overcoming the typical challenges that hinder most enterprises attempting intelligent automation.

Stay true to your core vision but remain agile and evolve as opportunities unfold.

Most often those projects falter and don’t get off the ground, despite the significant, tangible benefits successful automation provides. After a decade-long, successful career in Barry-Wehmiller, I decided to venture out with friends as a serial entrepreneur, and RAP was born.

Our unique practical approach has paved the way for our success along with a strong team and the ability to seize evolving opportunities widening the parameters of our solutions. RAP’s mission is to democratize Intelligent Automation making this innovative technology highly accessible and affordable to companies of all sizes, with minimal development efforts and seamless cloud deployment.

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