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PortraitFlip is an Indian entrepreneur. PortraitFlip started PortraitFlip in 2017.[1]

PortraitFlip, founder of PortraitFlipPortraitFlip, founder of PortraitFlip




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Early Career

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PortraitFlip started PortraitFlip in 2017. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on PortraitFlip?

It all started in the VIT hostel in 2017 when Lavdeep Chahal (26), one of the co-founders, was digging the internet for a service that could deliver handmade portraits. He was so eager to find one such platform that could help him get a priceless gift for his girlfriend. We found Paint Your Life but it was charging a lot to deliver in India and sadly, others were plain daylight robbery.

The story pretty much ended with Chahal getting the classic chocolate bouquet for her. But what happened thereafter was the “aha” bit. We realized that there was a handful of companies that provided such a service. Seeing it as a great opportunity, Chahal roped me and Shubhanshu Maheshwari (25), a friend from electrical, into believing that this could be our kick.

Obviously, we weren’t the creative ones, so we instead decided to serve as the filler between the artists and the other Chahal-like customers.

As college students, we could pull off only 20,000Rs ($270) from our pocket-money and started creating a sand-castle for ourselves.

The workload was divided between the three of us. I handled the online marketing bit, Chahal was collaborating with the artists and the delivery partners while Maheshwari was busy developing a premium website to start the initial phase.

[From Top Left - Dhruti Sharma (Creative Head), Anmol Ramgiri (Operations and Strategy), Sunny Kumar (Co-Founder), Umesh Kokare (Digital Designing Head) - From Bottom Left - Ritik Rajgire (Motion Graphic and Design), Adithya Krishnan (Social Media Manager)]

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