Pepe Martín García

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Pepe Martín García is a Spanish entrepreneur. Pepe started Minimalism Brand in 2017 and is based in Madrid.[1]

Pepe Martín García, founder of Minimalism BrandPepe Martín García, founder of Minimalism Brand


Minimalism Brand




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Early Career

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Minimalism Brand

Pepe started Minimalism Brand in 2017. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Minimalism Brand?

I´ve been developing brands for years. I guess Minimalism is the third one. I studied economy and business, I worked for big companies also and I´m the owner of a small agency in which we develop eCommerce, brands, and webs. It's call Growth Sherpas.

Minimalism came as an idea. Sell only products that we use every day, that are made in a sustainable way, that last in time and got a good design. Also, we got much experience with our clients because of our agency, so we know what to do to develop a brand, create our web and to start playing around with our eCommerce. So we try.

In the beginning, it was a game, but now we make 200K per year and got some employes. People like our product and our clothes are selling well without any logo on them. We really love what we are doing. We think we are changing the way people buy and also the way they think about design and, maybe, about life ;)

The project started with 2000€, 1000€ per founder. We invested 60% in product and technology and 40% in marketing. It's called bootstrapping, we had no salary, we heard nothing, but we love it and we invest everything we get. One time we achieved 150K per year we asked some VCs if they wanted to join our project. We made a deal and know we are tree partners.

Our recommendation, if you are looking for money, show before that you are able to sell and that you are involved in your project if not, it will be very difficult to find any money.

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