Pavel Cheshev

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Pavel Cheshev is a Polish entrepreneur. Pavel started TIMEFLIP in 2016 and is based in Singapore.[1]

Pavel Cheshev,  of TIMEFLIPPavel Cheshev, of TIMEFLIP




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Pavel started TIMEFLIP in 2016. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on TIMEFLIP?

As entrepreneurs, we had a long experience in contracting and outsourcing all kinds of work: from software development to industrial design, video production, web design, content marketing, bookkeeping, etc. We worked with a good number of individual freelancers and teams.

Focusing on too many things is the road to nowhere. Take one most important target (growing number of users, profitability, decreasing production costs, subscriptions, time to market, etc) and metrics for it and run tests to optimize it.

That means we have also witnessed the use of various time tracking software by our contractors and collaborators and tried it ourselves. There were over 100 software time tracking apps on this, rather fragmented, market. That only supported our idea that there is no universal, popular solution and the market is still in expectations of something that would be easy to use and adapt to.

As my co-founder had his roots deep in hardware product development he offered to think about a “physical” approach to the problem. Inspired by the success of fitness trackers and “Enchanted objects” ideas by David Rose, we started thinking about creating a connected device that would track time. The very core idea here was making something ultimately simple and user friendly and not attached to a computer screen, as we are already spending a large part of our lifetime watching all kinds of screens.

How TimeFlip works:

At the start, user marks TimeFlip sides with the tasks or activities he/she wants to track and assigns them once in the mobile app. Whenever one wants to start tracking an activity, he simply places TimeFlip with that side up and the device automatically starts clocking time for it.

As the result, you get time stats visualized in the app or web browser and it's amazing how seeing it right there can change your habits.

TimeFlip is not another “big brother watching you” solution. On the opposite, it is designed as a very friendly tool for the people who volunteer to take control of their time.

Contrast to other solutions, TimeFlip works offline and is able to store time logs equivalent to about 30-40 days of tracking. So digital nomads can bring it to the beach or mountains or other remote places with no network and it will work there just fine.

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