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Paul Sciortino is an American entrepreneur. Paul started Ayo Supplements in 2019 and is based in Chicago.[1]

Paul Sciortino, founder of Ayo SupplementsPaul Sciortino, founder of Ayo Supplements


Ayo Supplements


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Ayo Supplements

Paul started Ayo Supplements in 2019. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Ayo Supplements?

Halfway through my college football career, I sustained a concussion that, at the time, appeared to be the end of football for me. I am not one to sit around for long, so instead of hanging out on the sidelines, I decided to revive my baseball career and walked on the baseball team as a junior. One problem, I was 275 lbs. I played offensive line on the football team and had packed on quite a bit of size to break the starting lineup.

After receiving clearance from the doctors to return to physical activity, I went from 275 lbs in June to 225 lbs in August. Now, 50 lbs lighter I was ready to take on D1 baseball. I made the fall roster but was eventually cut from the team. I then rejoined the football team as a senior playing tight-end at my new weight. As luck would have it, I missed the entire season after breaking my leg in practice three days before our first game. Gotta love sports...

Disappointments aside, one thing I succeeded in doing was losing about 50 lbs in eight weeks. It was a lot of weight to lose in a short period of time, but it was made easier through the discipline of the sport. However, what if you don’t have a college sport keeping you in line, forcing you to exercise for hours each day? What happens if you sit at a desk all day? And you have a deadline to meet and a weekend packed with friends and family and only 30 minutes to work out each day? What happens when we can’t be healthy because life won’t let us?

The difference is that someone who goes shopping is just looking, while someone who runs out of eggs and goes to the store just to buy eggs. Find your egg buyers.

That was my new reality after graduation and the reality for so many people out there.

In the first few years of joining the workforce, I struggled to maintain my weight, my workout schedule, my social life, and overall health. So what to do? Stop complaining, wake up an hour earlier, drink some coffee, and get on with it, right? Wrong.

I hate coffee. I just don’t like the taste, nor do I like the way it makes me feel. I get jittery, anxious, I crash but I can’t sleep. Is an iced caramel macchiato thing from Starbucks delicious? Yes, it is. Is it also 8,000 calories? Yes, it is. Will I die of type two diabetes if I drink one each day? Yes, I will. Coffee and I are like oil and water.

Insert matcha, which I had repeatedly read about as a superfood with incredible health benefits and a great source of clean energy and antioxidants. So I tried some matcha and quickly found out that just like coffee, I also hated the taste. However, unlike coffee, I was in love with how matcha made me feel. It was like taking an energy pill that’s also a weight loss pill that makes your body feel like a commercial for Fiji Water. So instead of choking this stuff down, I thought, why not just take it in pill form? I am traveling for work 90% of the time so making my own matcha is not an option. I’ll just go on Amazon and buy some pills.

Right? Wrong again. I went on Amazon and was quickly disappointed. Everything was either cheap or the serving size was so small I’d have to take ten pills or more each day. At that moment, I thought to myself that I could simply do better than this. Thus, I began my mission to make the best matcha supplement money can buy.


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