Paul Schauer

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Paul Schauer is an American entrepreneur. Paul started Dry Camp in 2017 and is based in Macomb, MI.[1]

Paul Schauer, founder of Dry CampPaul Schauer, founder of Dry Camp


Dry Camp


Macomb, MI


Early Career

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Dry Camp

Paul started Dry Camp in 2017. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Dry Camp?

Actually, now we are neighbors, but we first met each other via a mutual friend who realized our common interest in entrepreneurship and all likes of business.

Anthony solely owns another company, Flare Web Design, that focuses on web development and social media marketing. His company is doing exceptionally well, working with all sorts of brands - they even just secured a project with CoinsCabin, set up their educational cryptocurrency site.

Prior to, Paul had another startup, Cobra Business Solutions, that Paul shut down shortly before we got together so he could focus on a new venture. At the time, Paul worked for a website and software developer where he managed the development of over 200 government projects.

But getting on the beginnings of Dry Camp... We began with setting aside time to meet for basic discussions on what we could develop that we would genuinely want to spend more hours, days, and hopefully years, working on. We wanted to figure out what what type of industry to explore and what brand within such would interest us both.

Eventually, we agreed our love for the outdoors and nature would be the best route for us to take. With this direction in sight, we began our research. We spent copious amounts of time online searching for products, materials, and reading reviews. Just as much time was utilized asking people directly what outdoor gear they used or would appeal to them.

We decided that the Waterproof Dry Bag was something that was very unique... and could have been just the product to have carried the many belongings on the various trips we heard stories about. Comparing reviews, asking people what they thought, and doing due diligence on materials was a must.

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