Paul Kaster

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Paul Kaster is an American entrepreneur. Paul started Crooked Branch Studio in 2016 and is based in Kansas City.[1]

Paul Kaster,  of Crooked Branch StudioPaul Kaster, of Crooked Branch Studio


Crooked Branch Studio


Early Career

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Crooked Branch Studio

Paul started Crooked Branch Studio in 2016. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Crooked Branch Studio?

In 2015, I was given a wooden bow tie from a friend who knew I loved bow ties and wood. It would seem like the perfect pairing, right? Well, although I loved the idea, I was disappointed by the execution, and having build wooden side tables and cutting boards before, I thought that I could probably make a better one.

There are many theories of how to attract customers, but what I’ve seen from most successful brands is that instead of focusing on one, big thing to attract customers they instead focus on getting many, small things right.

After playing around with designs for several months, I put a couple wooden bow ties up on Etsy with what I thought was the very high (at the time) price of $40. The bow ties ended up selling within a week, and I realized that given the amount of time it had taken me to make one, it might be profitable to start making these bow ties more seriously.

Here’s a picture from my first wooden bow tie listing:


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