Patrick Sullivan Jr.

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Patrick Sullivan Jr. is an American entrepreneur. Patrick started Jigsaw Health in 2005 and is based in Scottsdale.[1]

Patrick Sullivan Jr., founder of Jigsaw HealthPatrick Sullivan Jr., founder of Jigsaw Health


Jigsaw Health


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Jigsaw Health

Patrick started Jigsaw Health in 2005. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Jigsaw Health?

For over 30 years, my Dad struggled on and off with various health challenges -- fatigue, insomnia, gastro-intestinal problems, and depression.

This was back in the mid-1980s -- pre-internet -- so Dad would read every health book he could get his hands on. And just about every book had a section on “Magnesium Deficiency”... As Dad walked through the list of symptoms he thought, “Well, I’m definitely Magnesium deficient, I got all of these!”, so he’d go to the store and grab the first Magnesium supplement he could find.

But there was one tiny problem. Well, actually a BIG problem! Most ordinary Magnesium supplements act like a laxative. (Think “Milk of Magnesia”.) And because Dad was struggling with gastrointestinal issues -- caused by lack of Probiotics -- regular drugstore Magnesium went right through him.

You see, Magnesium is “hydrophilic”, which is a fancy word that means it draws water to it, like a magnet.

My Dad theorized, “If I could slow down the release of a highly absorbable form of Magnesium, I could probably actually take this myself.”

People are always hearing about rapid absorption with supplements. But with Magnesium, you actually want to do the opposite -- you want to slow down the release so that absorption happens over time. Otherwise, you end up sprinting to the outhouse!

As a result, Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT® (or MagSRT®) was created, and turns out, a lot of other people had the same issues as my Dad. So we’ve been able to help a LOT of people improve their lives by increasing their daily intake of Magnesium -- better energy, better sleep, and no nighttime leg cramps.

Dad scratched his own itch, and Jigsaw Health was born.

"Figuring out causes of my own health problems always felt like solving a puzzle. Thus the company name, Jigsaw Health." - Pat Sullivan Sr.

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