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Patrick Murray is an American entrepreneur. Patrick started On Air Parking in 2016 and is based in San Francisco.[1]

Patrick Murray,  of On Air ParkingPatrick Murray, of On Air Parking


On Air Parking


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On Air Parking

Patrick started On Air Parking in 2016. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on On Air Parking?

So I’ve always been “entrepreneurial” like I’m sure a lot of you.

In high school my buddy and I would create business plans after school, in college I started to take action and just get going on any idea I had. After school I gave myself five months, when student loan payments started, to make at least enough money to live off of and pay my minimum student loan payments. That was in 2010. The adventures I went on to make this minimum amount of money were priceless and I could fill up Pat’s whole site going over the details, but let’s look at years 2010-2013 as me “just making enough”.

In 2013 I joined as a Co-Founder and this was the first time I helped found a company where I was going to look for investment and wanted to eventually exit, compared to “just making enough” to live off of and pay student loans. While at Way I became obsessed with parking, and particularly off-airport parking.

I left Way in 2016 to start NOSON with my at the time mentor, Brett Harwood. I decided to leave Way because my heart just wasn’t in it and my vision for the future was different than the other founders. Brett’s a former Chairman of the National Parking Association and was also President of a publicly traded parking company.

Together, with his experience and what I learned at Way, we had a lot of experience to start a company in the parking space. More importantly, though, we had the knowledge that we needed to speak to the parking operators and owners to hear their problems compared to coming up with what we think will help them.

I flew to different markets and met with owners to deeply dive into their problems. I had calls every day with other owners/ operators going over ideas I had, and getting candid advice on why those ideas would or wouldn’t work. I also kept getting deeper into their pain points.

After months of these long and candid conversations the concept of On Air Parking was born- specifically un-branded sales, our proprietary marketing, and us targeting Uber/ Lyft as our main competition.


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