Pam Farley

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Pam Farley is an American entrepreneur. Pam started Comic Crate in 2018 and is based in Sacramento.[1]

Pam Farley, founder of Comic CratePam Farley, founder of Comic Crate


Comic Crate


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Comic Crate

Pam started Comic Crate in 2018. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Comic Crate?

We have owned Comics & Collectibles, a comic book, and a game store in Sacramento, California for more than 20 years. When our kids started school, we saw firsthand how much comic books can help kids learn to read and love reading.

We wanted to get comic books into more kids’ hands, but we knew it wasn’t feasible for busy parents to make a special trip to a comic book store. And most parents don’t have the depth of experience to know what comics are OK for kids to read and which are not appropriate--but we do. Here’s an example of all the new comic books that are released in a single week. This is overwhelming for people who aren’t in the know!


I floated the idea of a comic book subscription box in a local Facebook mom’s group and got lots of positive responses. We knew we had a unique idea and just needed to crunch the numbers and figure out how to make it profitable.

At that time, we thought it would be an extra revenue stream for our brick-and-mortar store. We had no idea that it would support us through the 2020 shutdown when our business was closed for two months due to quarantine.

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