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Oska Truffaux is an Australian entrepreneur. Oska started Truffaux in .[1]

Oska Truffaux,  of TruffauxOska Truffaux, of Truffaux




Honolulu, Hawaii, USA


Early Career

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Oska started Truffaux in . They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Truffaux?

Imogen and I have worked together for over 20 years - meeting first in a sleep laboratory, then building a music venue together in the mountains of Melbourne. It was an intense roller coaster, embroiled in the lives of many people and dealing with a lot of very drunk Australians.

After four years, we felt trapped in it. Having parties 7 days a week for 400 people takes a lot of energy and it just wore us out. Getting out was convoluted, and for another three years, we tried unsuccessfully to escape.

Then we discovered Abraham-Hicks. We made a vision board, kept our thoughts clear and positive, and within 14 days was sold. It felt miraculous like everything had lined up and we were off on a new adventure - and so we were.

Arriving in Ecuador, there was a massive release of stress and overwork. We knew we had two years to find our next career, and that it would be perfect. Two months later, I awoke at 2 am with a powerful urge to find a perfect hat.

At the end of researching all night, I realized they didn't exist. That the world was in a drought of good hats, and that I could change all that. Essential to our plan was that we would be free to roam the world, working as locals, and enjoying this beautiful planet. No more permanent locations, and running the company as lean as possible.


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