Oleksii Avramenko

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Oleksii Avramenko is an Ukrainian entrepreneur. Oleksii started EspoCRM in 2011.[1]

Oleksii Avramenko, founder of EspoCRMOleksii Avramenko, founder of EspoCRM




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Oleksii started EspoCRM in 2011. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on EspoCRM?

When I was still pursuing a MA degree in Computer Science, I, together with my groupmate Taras Machyshyn, already worked as a developer in one of the local outsourcing companies. There, I got acquainted with Yuri Kuznetsov (who was obtaining a MA degree in Applied mathematics). At that time, we had loads of projects and cut our teeth on coding and developing solutions for businesses. Back then, we were young, ambitious and we wanted freedom. At some point, we understood that we grew out of that company and decided to start our own business.

We launched our company in 2011. At first, we offered outsourcing business development services. Back in those days, we worked with CRM systems and other business solutions a lot. After some time, we understood that the market lacked software that would be a universal, budget-friendly solution for any company irrespective of its size and type. Realizing that the CRM market needs such a platform, I put forth a proposal to discuss the future of CRM software. This discussion marked the beginning of creation and work on EspoCRM.

Understanding that each of us has our own strengths, we divided the project into parts and started turning our idea into reality. Taras Machyshyn was working on the back-end and API interface, Yuri Kuznetsov was developing the front-end and UI/UX, while I was busy with website creation, database administration, and marketing. In 2014, after several months of the complicated development process, we released the first version of EspoCRM.

Since its onset, the platform was built upon a dream and ambition to create software that would be flexible and easily adaptable to the needs of any industry without coding. Nowadays, our software is a customizable and affordable solution that offers a full set of tools for growing a company. It can boast of the plenitude of features developed both for ordinary users and developers.

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