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OLAWALE AWANI is a Nigerian entrepreneur. OLAWALE started Ryteprint in 2017.[1]

OLAWALE AWANI,  of RyteprintOLAWALE AWANI, of Ryteprint






Early Career

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OLAWALE started Ryteprint in 2017. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Ryteprint?

My personal journey into online printing was a result of changing circumstances. I started my career as an account executive with a securities depository, later working in a family photo materials supply business. An original equipment manufacturer was looking for an official distributor in Nigeria, I applied and was accepted to represent them and eventually became a hardware vendor supplying printers, consumables, and printer software to print companies in Nigeria and West African English-speaking countries. I later became a print vendor because of my familiarity with the industry so I started printing for professional print brokers who did not have the capital to set up a print factory.

Due to excessive competition and price squeeze, we started offering prints to businesses on a retail and corporate level. The bureaucracy of working with large organizations because of the terms and conditions was starting to affect our business especially long payment terms and brutal bidding pricing war amongst printers led to changing our business channel. We realized the most profitable space was the retail online printing business and decided to run with an online printing business as we did not have to deal with long payment terms, brutal bidding price wars.

The aha moment was obviously when we could get paid upfront and charge a premium for providing customer service or assisting clients to achieve their objective of marketing their brand. The interesting factor was also the ability to work with clients across the country thereby removing location barriers and giving us more possibilities of growing our brand and business to a national company as opposed to a local print service provider.

Take us through the process of designing, prototyping, and manufacturing your first product.

The essential element of the online printing business is the eCommerce feature. The website is the engine room for running an online printing business. We had gone with a provider from Israel but we were not satisfied with the user interface and back end of the platform hence it became our first failure as the first software company did not deliver the interface we had hoped for.

We went back to the market to look for another web2print software and eventually found an Indian company that had the right software and support that we settled for. The company is our technology partner to date.

The product manufacturing was not new to us as we were already offering printing services before taking the business online.

The website operates with a clear process whereby clients and customers can either use our intuitive design studio with thousands of print-ready templates to adjust in the studio even with no design knowledge. The client could also upload a design file that they already have or choose to hire our in-house designers to create a custom design for their brand and have it printed and produced.

We have invested over a hundred thousand dollars outside of the equipment purchase and if we add total investment to the brand to market then the total investment will be four hundred thousand dollars ($400,000).


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