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Nune Tatunts is an Armenian entrepreneur. Nune started Arara Tour in 2014.[1]

Nune Tatunts, founder of Arara TourNune Tatunts, founder of Arara Tour


Arara Tour


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Arara Tour

Nune started Arara Tour in 2014. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Arara Tour?

My previous experience was in the travel business from 2011 to 2014. When I left my job because of company closure, my biggest passion was to work in a brand new business starting its first steps in tourism. I didn’t think about opening a business because of the financial problems I had at that time and I was afraid of starting a business. So when I was offered to be the company director, just because the LLC was just arranged I was happy.

We started with the website and products (tour packages). I was very passionate about work and the company. In a short period, we had the first sales, and starting from the second half-year the company started to cover its expenses and make its first small profit.

We started selling tours with guaranteed fixed dates, which allows people to book a tour, share expenses, pay less, and travel in a small group. Later we opened a branch office in Georgia and started to operate regional tours through our own office, we controlled both quality and price.

Having success in the Caucasus we started to study the tourism capacity of post-Soviet countries to understand which region is worth traveling to. We found that Central Asia is quite a popular region for people from Australia, Western Europe, Canada where our travelers are from.

So our next office was in Tashkent, we made a special offer for our previous year travelers a group tour to Central Asia with special low rates. We don’t make any profit in the first year of operating in Central Asia but we gain experience. So the tour for just cost was a very good offer for our travelers and the biggest adventure for us is a trust that people know we are there the first time but they are ready to travel with us.

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