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Nick Bey is an American entrepreneur. Nick started Bey Moss in 2020.[1]

Nick Bey, founder of Bey Moss Nick Bey, founder of Bey Moss


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Bey Moss

Nick started Bey Moss in 2020. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Bey Moss ?

My first entrepreneurial endeavor began with running and operating my tech company Relevant Systems which focuses on designing and developing digital products since 2015. My expertise and background is in computer programming, operations, and management, as well as creatively running graphic designs for everything from logos to labels to promotional materials for a variety of companies.

Bey Moss co-founder, my wife Charmaine Bey, is a popular TV personality from the hit reality show, “VH1: Black Ink Crew Chicago” and radio personality. Her expertise lies in sales. She has over 1M followers across her social media platforms and her followers are our largest target market.

We heard about sea moss from a famous rapper and businessman, Nipsey Hussle. He spoke a lot about a holistic teacher named Dr. Sebi and his teachings and how important superfoods like sea moss are to include in your lifestyle. When Nipsey Hussle passed away, it shook up the entire world, and a lot of the words that he said before he passed started going viral.

We started to see people selling sea moss infused products, including a family member who got the idea from a friend. I asked my wife if she wanted to try selling sea moss to our followers because it seemed like sea moss really does work for people. We wholesaled the sea moss and just put it on our Instagram stories.

The “aha” moment came when we sold out of our first batch of inventory. At the time, this was an entirely new business and industry we were going into. With my branding, digital, and start-up expertise coupled with Charmaine’s sales prowess and her growing influencer status, I know we could build this into something big.

We validated the idea and products through reviews and feedback. Through this process, we began to see the way our product was changing people’s lives as it continues to do. The validation also comes from generating our revenue with little marketing, which proved the need outweighs the want. Luckily at the time, before starting Bey Moss, Charmaine and I were both financially secure from what we’ve accumulated in our separate businesses as well as from being on TV for 4-6 seasons that we were able to bootstrap Bey Moss with our own money.


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