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Nestor Nidome is an American entrepreneur. Nestor started Elegante Catering in and is based in Inland Empire.[1]

Nestor Nidome, founder of Elegante CateringNestor Nidome, founder of Elegante Catering


Elegante Catering


Early Career

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Elegante Catering

Nestor started Elegante Catering in . They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Elegante Catering?

For as long as I can remember I have always been attracted to the idea of being a business owner. I’ve tried many businesses starting with my own DJ company. I got some business cards, printed them at Staples, passed them out, and waited for the calls.

It took a bit of time, but eventually, the calls started to come in and bookings started to happen. I did that for a couple of years until one of the DJ gigs some gangsters got into it and I was almost in the middle of a gang fight. Thank GOD things calmed down, but after that, I started looking for another business!

During this same time, the whole tech bubble was growing and I wanted a part of it. I took some coding classes in college and started using HTML to code my website from scratch. I kind of borrowed a lot of ideas from Yahoo but it was going to be mainly focused on my local city. I visited some businesses and got some of them to advertise. Things seemed to be going well when the bubble burst and I was once more left to venture out and look for something else.

I was determined to make it as a business owner so I started to read, listen to audiobooks, and go to business seminars. That’s when I attended a seminar about the vending machine industry and how people were getting rich with quarters and dollars! Singed me up! I said once again. With a little bit more experienced under my belt I was able to grow that business to 40 locations around my city! But I soon found that I needed a LOT of quarters and dollars to make a financial difference in my life.

I had my vending route but I needed more education on managing a business, so I started working for Pizza Hut as I had heard they had one of the best managerial programs in the country. I figure I could get paid to get educated. For about 4 years I worked my vending machines and worked my way up from a driver, to shift manager to general manager.

Finally, I had the opportunity to run my own Pizza Hut. The Area Coach told me that I needed a bit more time and that if I worked hard and did what he asked, after 6 months I MIGHT get my store but for now I could get a twenty-five cent race. I looked him in the eyes, told them to thank you for the opportunity, and walked out.

At that time the economy was booming and house equity was high. I sold my house, moved into my parents again, and bought myself a restaurant! A small little Mexican restaurant inside a Shell gas station. Now I had 2 businesses. My vending machine route and the restaurant. Finally the American dream! But then the 2008 economy collapsed! As the economy tanked and sales went down I had to let go of more and more employees and pick up their shift. By this time I had taken all the vending machines out and sold them. I was working 7 days a week, sometimes 14 hour days!

I was having a harder and harder time having enough money to pay the bills. So I started to cater tacos. I soon discovered that people, no matter how bad the economy is, still have parties! But I was working so hard just to pay bills. I found a buyer who luckily bought my restaurant and focused on catering.

> It does not matter if I have the most amazing product in the world. If nobody knows about it, no one will ever buy it. Stop believing the product will sell itself. Products don’t sell themselves, marketing does. Learn how to market.

I didn't believe the food industry was for me, but I kept at it. At this time I was wondering online when I stumbled upon an ad that promised to teach me how to make millions of marketing online. I clicked on it, went through the motions, and soon I was learning Online Marketing.

I fell in love with Online Marketing and so I started studying everything I could. Meanwhile to make ends meet I was still catering a gig here and a gig there. For about 4 years I tried selling network marketing products, products on Amazon and I even created my info product. I made a few sales here and there but nothing was panning out. The truth is I never believed in the products I was selling.

Finally, as I was almost ready to give up on my entrepreneurial dream I found myself listening to a conversation about an engaged couple and how much they were paying for their catering. Till that day I never realized that the catering industry was so lucrative. I immediately went home and started doing research and WOW what I discovered changed the course of my life! That day I made a firm decision to apply everything I’ve ever learned to build the best and most well-known catering company ever. On March 16th, 2017 I registered under Elegante Catering and well that’s when everything changed in my life.

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