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Neeraj Gupta is a Singaporean entrepreneur. Neeraj started Salonist Software in 2017.[1]

Neeraj Gupta, founder of Salonist SoftwareNeeraj Gupta, founder of Salonist Software


Salonist Software


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Salonist Software

Neeraj started Salonist Software in 2017. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Salonist Software?

I began my journey with the foundation of a startup firm - Awebstar Technologies in Singapore that offered services and support in the IT field. The company grew to an extraordinary extent and established a reputation among the customers.

During this startup venture, a salon owner reached us with the need to design a website for their business. As per the demands and requirements, we built the website and delivered it within the set time frame. Further, the salon owner came up with the issues they were facing in selling their services/products and booking the appointment online.

Here, this experience helped me understand the challenges in the beauty and wellness industry. So, thought of the idea to create a solution that can boost the salon and spas to manage their scheduling process and provide their customers with the best experience. Furthermore, the intent was not only to assure the increased sales and footfall but to eradicate the admin work too. Also, having an IT background and expertise in the same, I was capable of validating and ideating the products with no challenges faced. This way I came up with the Salonist software.

There comes the phase when you face good times as well as bad times. However, I was lucky enough to have the financial backing and an opportunity to at least give this idea a try.

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