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Mitchel Matthews is a Canadian entrepreneur. Mitchel started Adrenaline Offroad in 2017 and is based in St.Andrews MB.[1]

Mitchel Matthews, founder of Adrenaline OffroadMitchel Matthews, founder of Adrenaline Offroad


Adrenaline Offroad




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Adrenaline Offroad

Mitchel started Adrenaline Offroad in 2017. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Adrenaline Offroad?

My passion for trucks started way before I could even drive. I always wanted to have a huge lifted truck and I loved the idea of driving a vehicle that could make it through conditions that most vehicles couldn’t such as a deep ditch full of water or 3 feet of snow! My grandfather willed me one of his trucks so when I was 16 years old I was blessed to now have his old truck as my own! It was completely bone stock with not a single modification done to it….YET! Over the years I saved pretty much every penny I made at my minimum wage jobs and invested it all into building my truck up to be the beast that it is today!

These before and after pictures below are almost 6 years apart!



As I built my truck up I enjoyed going off-roading with it and testing the limits. At the start of 2017, I decided to start filming my offroading adventures and put them on Youtube. After uploading my first truck video it had about 120 views after the first week, then suddenly the video started getting thousands of views per day and reached 100K views within a couple of weeks! Here is the first vid, its kinda cringe lol

I learned how to monetize my youtube channel and began posting videos on a weekly basis. In September 2017 I had already accumulated over 10,000 subscribers with a lot of them actually being passionate truck enthusiasts themselves so I decided it would be a good idea to start selling some decals and apparel for my audience. I registered by business Adrenaline Offroad one month later and launched my website.

At first, my eCommerce store consisted of two different decals and one t-shirt design and let me tell you, getting those first few sales for $8.12 and $23.56 was pretty damn exciting. During this time I had a seasonal windshield repair job and I had no job from November- April so with my monthly youtube pay and a very small amount of revenue from my website I was only able to maintain $150-300 in my bank account after living expenses. Luckily being so young I still lived at home and had support from my parents which was a huge help in this crucial time which I am very grateful for.

After the first year, Adrenaline Offroad did no more than a few hundred dollars in total revenue. I knew I had to get something more serious going on so if I wanted to do this full time. I started searching my mind for what kind of aftermarket truck accessories I could offer through my business. I searched through tons of suppliers and products and talked to so many companies until I finally found some products I could see myself selling. At this time at my windshield repair job, I would sit under a tent all day in a parking lot and wait for customers to drive up. Luckily this job gave me a lot of downtimes which I was able to efficiently use for developing my β€œside hustle” and actually making enough money to fund it.

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