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Mimi Council is an American entrepreneur. Mimi started Above 8000 Creative in 2017 and is based in Mammoth Lakes.[1]

Mimi Council,  of Above 8000 CreativeMimi Council, of Above 8000 Creative



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Above 8000 Creative, Above 8000 Creative


Early Career

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Above 8000 Creative

Mimi started Above 8000 Creative in 2017. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Above 8000 Creative?

I realized that Delaney and I were constantly getting asked by friends for “help” or “advice” when starting a business or side project. We realized we were helping out friends and doling out advice when we could be getting paid for it.

Our friends noticed the success and great branding we had at our bakery, Dessert’D Organic Bake Shop, and asked who we were using for certain things. When we said “us” for all those frequently asked questions, I realized we should be doing this for other people’s businesses.



Over the years we realized there were many services that we needed for our bakery, and had a difficult time finding for a reasonable price. So we started doing them ourselves.

Delaney has a degree from FIDM in graphic design. And before we owned our bakery, we both worked in action sports at Roxy/Quiksilver. So, we have a lot of experience with designing and getting products made as we both worked in Merchandising & Design. So, branded merchandise has become one of our specialties.

I found my love of photography after hiring multiple photographers at the bakery only to come up underwhelmed each time. So, Delaney bought me a camera and taught me how to use it and now he’s my second shooter. We love creating content for brands within the food, apparel, lifestyle, and outdoor industries, that’s where we specialize. Having good photography has proved to be a huge asset to my bakery business, and now we help other businesses see the benefits of having great content.

We started out with a few clients, and now we have many, and we also are getting new clients all the time. We end up getting referrals from current clients, which is great! When we started this, I was trying to make a little extra cash for our dream home that we were planning to build. Now that we did that and are building our home, we found that we love working with all of our clients. Some of them have become our friends and we love seeing the success of their businesses, just as if it were our own. We are honored to work with so many small businesses and help them with creative branding to stand out from the rest.



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