Mike Schaefer

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Mike Schaefer is an American entrepreneur. Mike started Soaring Heart Natural Beds in 1982 and is based in Seattle, WA.[1]

Mike Schaefer, founder of Soaring Heart Natural BedsMike Schaefer, founder of Soaring Heart Natural Beds


Soaring Heart Natural Beds


Seattle, WA


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Soaring Heart Natural Beds

Mike started Soaring Heart Natural Beds in 1982. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Soaring Heart Natural Beds?

Soaring Heart started as a futon manufacturer - marrying traditional Japanese bed building techniques with western sleep habits.  We began by learning how to build a great mattress - and then honed our skills by leveraging materials such as latex or innersprings in our beds.  

We soon learned the importance of developing stringent product specifications, allowing us to be completely transparent to our customers about what they were sleeping on, as well as comply with a myriad of ever changing health and safety regulations.  

The idea of “going organic” with our product line grew out of the conclusion that we had reliable access to great quality raw materials.  Global organic standards now exist, certifications can be independently tested, and the natural options we’ve found for complying with stringent safety regulations have been both time and laboratory verified.  Because of the support of our suppliers, our bottom line today includes both profit AND a commitment to a healthy planet.

Keeping toxins out of our homes is also a huge part of our quality commitment.  Given that we spend almost ⅓ of our lives in bed - we believe everyone should know exactly what they are sleeping on.  We are genuinely interested in what our growers can do to produce the best products - and we want to support their commitment to growing (and processing) their best.  We may not be a supplier’s biggest customer - but we aim for buying the best they can produce.

We care about every step in the process between growing our raw materials, building our beds and great sleep.  We’re lucky to have customers who appreciate our efforts - and can tell the difference in their sleep because of it.  We may have had the idea to build a better bed - but it’s our customers who validated that all our effort was worth it.

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