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Mike Aspinall is a British entrepreneur. Mike started The Crafty Gentleman in 2013.[1]

Mike Aspinall, founder of The Crafty GentlemanMike Aspinall, founder of The Crafty Gentleman


The Crafty Gentleman


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Early Career

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The Crafty Gentleman

Mike started The Crafty Gentleman in 2013. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on The Crafty Gentleman?

I’ve always been interested in crafts and DIY. As a young child, I used to spend hours and hours making scrapbooks, cards, decorations, and gifts – and I’ve never grown out of it!

I got my very first sewing machine when I was about 17, and it quite literally changed my life. I felt like I had a superpower, it was amazing! It opened up a whole new world of crafting to me and inspired me to seek out even more ways to up my craft skills.

However, by the time I’d reached my early 20s, I was feeling pretty disconnected from the craft industry. It was set up for a different demographic to me. I was a young man, but I felt everything was aimed at older women or young children. Haberdasheries were full of pinks and florals. I struggled to find craft supplies and projects that I liked.

So I decided to do what any good millennial would do: I started a blog. I started posting simple craft tutorials of the things I like to make – completely on a whim, with no plan for it to become a business. But soon, my readership began increasing. And then I started to get approached by brands offering sponsorships deals. It was pretty crazy!

I quickly realized that I’d tapped into a niche market of contemporary, accessible, gender-neutral crafts. I put together a rate card and started working with brands and sponsors. I also began teaching craft workshops across the country and doing regular media appearances – including television work. And everything else has grown very organically from there.


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