Michelle C. Smith

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Michelle C. Smith is an American entrepreneur. Michelle started MamaSuds in and is based in Michigan.[1]

Michelle C. Smith, founder of MamaSudsMichelle C. Smith, founder of MamaSuds




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Early Career

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Michelle started MamaSuds in . They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on MamaSuds?

Researching and learning are at the core of my soul and after learning about the ingredients in products I used on my family and home, I taught myself how to make liquid soap. This new addiction turned into formulating a laundry soap that would clean my daughter's cloth diapers. Friends, family, and co-workers enjoyed my soaps so much that my husband built me a website and kept encouraging me to make it a business. For the record, I was a middle school teacher who scoffed at the idea of becoming a business owner. I never ever thought people would buy soap from a middle school teacher! Shortly after my husband set up my website I received my first order from an 82-year-old woman named Dorothy Nelson from Colorado. I cried! I couldn’t believe it. I made it official in January 2012 when I applied for my business license.

> I am my biggest adversary. I’ve learned to be comfortable with being uncomfortable if I am not growing as an entrepreneur then my business isn’t growing either.

I spent the next year and a half working full time as a teacher and making/selling my products in her spare time.

After a life-altering health scare with my husband, who had a large brain tumor removed in August 2013, I decided to stay home with my family and concentrate on MamaSuds; something that made me happy and fulfilled. This is when MamaSuds really started gaining traction. I created lines of products that had simple ingredients that were safe and made from scratch in small batches.

In 2017 MamaSuds underwent a rebrand with the help of Lucky Break Consulting and Rowan Made Brand Design. Since our re-launch, we have experienced incredible growth and a clear message to our ingredient-savvy customers.

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