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Michael McCarty is an American entrepreneur. Michael started Safe Hiring Solutions in 2004 and is based in Indianapolis.[1]

Michael McCarty, founder of Safe Hiring SolutionsMichael McCarty, founder of Safe Hiring Solutions


Safe Hiring Solutions


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Early Career

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Safe Hiring Solutions

Michael started Safe Hiring Solutions in 2004. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Safe Hiring Solutions?

In 1994 I was a violent crime detective with the Metropolitan Police Department in Nashville, TN and helped develop and implement the largest domestic violence prevention program in the U.S. I left law enforcement in 1999 and started a violence prevention consulting firm to plant the Nashville model throughout the U.S. and Europe. I consulted with U.S. Department of Justice- Violence Against Women Office, U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Homeland Security Federal Law Enforcement Training Center as well as numerous state attorney general offices and grassroot organizations.

> It is easy to come up with ideas for a business. The big question is if someone is willing to pay for the ideas you have. Many young entrepreneurs need to invest in learning and market research.

When I was an advisory board member with the America Bar Association, I worked on a teen dating violence initiative after one of our schools was the lead story in the evening news because they had hired 2 sex offenders. Both sex offenders had passed the state required background check. This is what prompted me to research the problem and launch Safe Hiring Solutions as the solution for schools to flag sex offenders and keep them away from their students.

As a former violent crime detective, I understood the psychological profile behind violent offenders, such as sexual predators, and the lengths to which they would go to gain access to our children. My mission was to create a background screening product that would flag them, not hide them. Once completing that task, my next step was to work with schools to make sure they understood the problem at hand and were willing to pay for a solution.

Our first 100 clients were public and private schools. We now have more than 7,000 organizations across all markets as our clients.

I started Safe Hiring with what little money I had; my dad bought me a computer, and my father-in-law invested $500 so I could get incorporated.

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