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Meredith Vaish is an American entrepreneur. Meredith started Pause Box LLC in 2019 and is based in San Carlos.[1]

Meredith Vaish,  of Pause Box LLCMeredith Vaish, of Pause Box LLC


Pause Box LLC




Early Career

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Pause Box LLC

Meredith started Pause Box LLC in 2019. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Pause Box LLC?

In June 2018, I left my corporate gig after 16 years. I had a severe repetitive stress injury in my neck and shoulder that just wasn’t improving. I figured there was no way cubicle culture was going to allow me to get better. I told colleagues I was leaving to pursue “creative projects.”

Don’t wait until you know what you’re doing. Just start. Say yes more than you say no.

Those projects turned out to include naps, walks with my dog, cooking healthy meals, journaling, yoga, meditation and a series of personal growth courses.

In that year, I gave myself big, open blocks of time in my calendar to DO NOTHING... with the intention to clarify my wonderings, get present and hear my own inner guidance.

Over time, I got really clear on my inner questions and really good at receiving clear answers in playful, intuitive ways. The more I practiced taking an intentional, skillful pause, the clearer I got, and the easier time I had moving forward on decisions.

The idea of my company came after considering a coaching program and realizing that the thing I was most excited about were the retreats --the time away for reflection, quiet, inner listening and inspiration. I knew that spiritual retreat is a practice of many of the world’s religions, but what if I could make it accessible to the modern, non-religious overdoer?

What if I could design a break from being always-on that left women recharged far longer than a “me” day. What if by tuning out the noise and tuning into inner guidance women can get clear about what matters to them and take inspired, confident action toward that vision?

In starting this company I brought with me more than 20 years of brand and email marketing expertise including strong copywriting skills. I also had a deep affinity for the entrepreneurial culture of the San Francisco Bay Area due to working in startups and start-up-like orgs.

I also have a passion for product experience and design and a lifelong interest in personal development and transformation.

Financially, I negotiated with my spouse to take a one-year “soulbbatical” so I could discover what was next for me. I continued some light consulting for my previous employer during that time to keep me connected. I also used funds from my savings as seed money.

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