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Menajem Benchimol is a Mexican entrepreneur. Menajem started Get Ayuda in 2020 and is based in Mexico DF.[1]

Menajem Benchimol, founder of Get AyudaMenajem Benchimol, founder of Get Ayuda


Get Ayuda


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Get Ayuda

Menajem started Get Ayuda in 2020. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Get Ayuda?

Zeev and I met during a business program in China and Hong Kong back in 2017. We always talked about technology and how Latin America can take part in the next disruptive revolutions. As time passed by, Zeev founded Jacze, a male accessory subscription box in Mexico. He always told me the cultural differences made it difficult to work with Chinese manufacturers, and last year he set on to find manufacturers in Mexico for his brand.

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Zeev moved his entire operations right before the Chinese New Year back in 2019 which is a very difficult date for e-commerce worldwide since trade is stopped for a month. This year, I was asking him how it was going, and when COVID-19 was starting to break out in China we saw an opportunity to help companies relocate their manufacturers’ orders to Mexico.

So far we have worked with textile, furniture, bottle, and other industries. We plan on taking larger and recurring orders as time passes by. The benefits of manufacturing in Mexico are the proximity to the USA, ground transportation, and sometimes the manual labor cost can be similar to China.

Zeev and I during our trip to China and Hong Kong

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