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*Mel young * is an Australian entrepreneur. Mel started Flowerdale Valley in 2017 and is based in FLOWERDALE.[1]

Mel young ,  of Flowerdale ValleyMel young , of Flowerdale Valley


Flowerdale Valley


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Early Career

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Flowerdale Valley

Mel started Flowerdale Valley in 2017. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Flowerdale Valley?

I always wanted to work for myself. So I was always thinking about business ideas. Not everyone wants to work for themselves and not everyone is suited to the lifestyle, so if you have the dream, make sure you pursue it!

My business started when I was working as a cook at a local reception venue. A bride wanted some local honey wedding favors, which I provided. Doing this made me find a jar supplier, register my home kitchen as a food premise, prepare an invoice, etc.

From here, I began selling honey to the public and then I experimented with other ideas (making jam, personalized wedding favors, etc) before going into skincare. I had quite a few failures in this period!

I tested new ideas on friends and workmates before going ahead with new products. Eventually, I got a website and an eBay store and I started selling products at two local venues. My business didn’t make any profit for almost 3 years, so I still had 2 part-time jobs at this time as well. Most Businesses take quite some time to become profitable and quite a lot of mistakes are made when setting up a business.

For example, I prematurely started a website and then had to redo it again later when I changed from making wedding favors and jams to skincare.

Still one of my bestsellers: Bee Balm

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