Mehdi Kajbaf

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Mehdi Kajbaf is an American entrepreneur. Mehdi started Matboard & More in 2012 and is based in Atlanta, GA.[1]

Mehdi Kajbaf, founder of Matboard & MoreMehdi Kajbaf, founder of Matboard & More


Matboard & More


Atlanta, GA


Early Career

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Matboard & More

Mehdi started Matboard & More in 2012. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Matboard & More?

I believe that entrepreneurial success is a combination of hard work, opportunity and most importantly knowing yourself.

Most entrepreneurs work hard, but if you don’t know yourself, you won’t see the opportunities that best suit you and you won’t be able to set meaningful goals, so you’ll simply miss opportunities.

I love my life, I’m 33 years old, I work a moderate amount while making enough to live a life full of comfort for myself and my wife.

My career and life journey

I started my career as an engineer, working on traffic problems and after a year of that, I began to panic. Your first full-time job post-University has a frightening permanence to it. I looked into my future, and saw myself as a very successful employee, moving up the ladder, gaining more money, prestige etc.

But the endpoint of that path was deeply frightening for me. Nowhere along that path would I gain the freedom to control my own schedule or make enough money to be financially secure without grinding away at a day job. I felt the handcuffs of a full-time career tightening around me, and I made the decision to escape that path.

So I quit, started my MBA and spent the next couple years pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I spent a lot of time reflecting on my values as a person and discovering my passions. I knew that I would always be disappointed with myself and my life if I followed the traditional lifestyle that most of my friends and classmates were pursuing. I could not be satisfied with a career that didn’t provide me with freedom, a fulfilling challenge and solid income (in that order).

I started a blog, worked as a facilitator training employees on health and wellness and kept my eyes and ears open for a chance to hit the trifecta of freedom, fulfillment and money.

A new opportunity

Along that path, in 2012, the opportunity to start Matboard and More came along.

I was ready to throw myself into this project completely because I saw that at the end of this project I would get what I was looking for. I can’t emphasize this enough. At the time, Matboard and More was just a simple wizard to buy matboards.

I was living with my parents, $40,000 in debt and working on my personal blog. There was very little there, but I knew that if I put all my energy into this little idea, I’d overcome a significant challenge by creating a thriving business, gain my freedom (I traveled 9 months last year and had a 3-month honeymoon) and make great money.

It was so simple for me, I knew this business could get me there, so I put everything I had into it.

If I’m being honest, it never really even felt like I had a choice but to pursue this business. The entrepreneurial decision is not a true decision. You can’t bargain with yourself. If you know what you want, and the alternative is misery then you have no choice but to make it work.

Truth is, not everybody cares that much. In my opinion, you have to either hate the alternative to entrepreneurship so much that you will do anything to avoid it or have such a deep burning desire to make your own way that you will do anything to reach that goal. Status quo just doesn’t make sense for people like that, myself included.

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