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Mbali Schmidt is a South African entrepreneur. Mbali started Schmidt Auto Brokers in 2020.[1]

Mbali Schmidt, founder of Schmidt Auto BrokersMbali Schmidt, founder of Schmidt Auto Brokers


Schmidt Auto Brokers


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Schmidt Auto Brokers

Mbali started Schmidt Auto Brokers in 2020. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Schmidt Auto Brokers?

I started Schmidt Auto Brokers after many interactions and discussions with my friends and family who have mentioned how hard it is to get car financing because of their credit score situations. Truly speaking, as I was communicating with them, I noticed that most of them are either full-time employed or own very successful businesses. It was simply not that they cannot afford to make monthly car repayments. It was just that their credit scores are not on par with what the banks or auto institutions deemed to represent a woman or man of good standing. To me, a woman or man of good standing is the one that pays his or her dues!!

After hearing these concerns or complaints I realized an opportunity to find a way that I can help people in those similar situations to finally drive their own car despite their credit score situations. That is why I started Schmidt Auto Brokers to connect Rent-To-Own Dealerships with South African people that have bad or low credit scores and are declined by the banks the car financing.

This is the kind of business I have not done before. However, I have worked as the Prototype Automobile Test Driver for 2 years in the United State of America. I also test drove those that were just about to be released to the market. I, therefore, know the feeling of driving a good car that meets your daily professional and personal needs. Recently thousands of people lost their jobs or their jobs came to a halt because of the COVID-19 pandemic as a result their credit scores took a huge beating.

Now more than ever I am very optimistic that Schmidt Auto Brokers will help many people succeed in owning a car despite their credit score situations. In South Africa, slowly people are getting back to work and some are getting new jobs. Most will need cars but bad credit scores may stand in their way and Schmidt Auto Brokers is there to help them.

When I started Schmidt Auto Brokers I did not have much money except for the little bit of savings that I saved from another small business that I own. I also had a friend who allowed me to invest money for 6 months in her business for a monthly interest return. That is how I managed to raise money that helped me to start my business. As I always say β€œThe friends who care will see to it that you realize your dreams.” My savings and my friend saw to it that I realized my dream of owning a business that allows me to work from home while helping people.

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