Matt Griffin

Founder of Combat Flip Flops
from Issaquah, Washington, USA
started January 2013
social media
My name is Matt Griffin, but I go by Griff. I’m the CEO and co-founder of Combat Flip Flops. We’re a fashion and lifestyle brand that makes products in conflict zones to create jobs and security. With our profits, we fund women’s education in Afghanistan, land mine clearance in Laos,...
My name is Matt Griffin, and I'm the CEO of Combat Flip Flops--a team of people that believe we can bring sustainable, peaceful solution to armed conflict with education and economics. Combat Flip Flops is an e-commerce company employing artisans and entrepreneurs in Afghanistan, Colomb...
My name is Griff and I’m the CEO of Combat Flip Flops. In my previous life, I was an Army Ranger and did a few tours overseas. During those tours, I witnessed the root cause of terrorism - illiteracy, and lack of opportunity. After the Army, I started going back and came up with the ide...
Before I get into the story, this is going to be written in the first person. Between you and I. Because I know one of you out there is going to take this path and I’d love you to make the most of it--live the American Dream. Take your small business to the big show, land a shark, an...