Margarita Woodley

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Margarita Woodley is a British entrepreneur. Margarita started RedTedArt in 2010.[1]

Margarita Woodley, founder of RedTedArtMargarita Woodley, founder of RedTedArt




Early Career

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Margarita started RedTedArt in 2010. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on RedTedArt?

Like many first-time parents, I took a look at my working career and whether it was something I wanted to continue after my son was born. Most “mothers” (it feels like it is always the mother..) end up spending most of their salary, when they return to work, on childcare. If “lucky”, you end up with a few 100 dollars at the end of the month that contribute towards the grocery bills. I didn’t love my job before having my son. So going back for the sake of a “few hundred dollars” didn’t seem worth having someone else bring up my child for me. I decided to look around for ideas that may bring a similar sort of income - ie allow me to stay home, but also contribute towards the household bills.

At first, I tried selling some pop art canvases. I had created a set of three pop-up art teddies for my son’s nursery, which I was frequently complimented on. So many a few sets as new baby gifts for friends, and went on to try and sell these. One of these teddies was red - Red Ted Art was born.

As I tried to set up this business and create a custom website for it, I started a free WordPress blog in the interim - a “holding” place instead of a website and thought I may as well fill it with content whilst I waited for my art shop to be set up online.

I quickly realized that I loved blogging, loved posting crafty ideas and that it had the potential of earning a little money! There were two early “indicators” that made me realize this - my dancing giraffe craft - as well as selling my first “Button ad space” in the sidebar of my blog for a whopping $15! They both made me see the potential - both in what I had to offer to my readers, as well as in making some money.

I ditched the pop art paintings and moved to blogging around taking care of my kids (by then I had a 2yrs old and a baby).

The pivotal moment financially, was when I joined the ad network Adthrive a couple of years later. It changed my revenue model significantly and allowed me to earn a proper full-time salary.

It isn’t only helpful for your own website to collaborate, but also helps ease any potential “isolation” that may come from working for yourself, at home. I talk to other people online daily.

There is no question that blogging is NOT a “get rich quick” scheme. It takes time and effort and I was in a fortunate position that I wasn’t under pressure to earn a significant salary. I think that was also key to my success, as it allowed for more time and room to experiment with content and revenue streams.

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