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Marco Gatti is an Estonian entrepreneur. Marco started Mediatopsolution OU in 2018 and is based in Tallin.[1]

Marco Gatti,  of Mediatopsolution OUMarco Gatti, of Mediatopsolution OU


Mediatopsolution OU


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Early Career

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Mediatopsolution OU

Marco started Mediatopsolution OU in 2018. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Mediatopsolution OU?

I've always been a salesperson within the family company. A need I often felt in my relationships with customers, was the wish to communicate in a more attractive, engaging and persuasive way. I wanted to win them over and make sure they remembered my messages.

So I started looking for a powerful and innovative way to convey my communications. All this until I stumbled upon something that really caught my attention: the animated video that Robert Cialdini, a Psychology and Marketing professor at Stanford University, had used to promote his books “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”. I liked it instantly: I found it immediate, engaging and easy to remember. And then I thought: of course if such a great mentor of the laws of persuasion has relied on this tool of communication, it must mean something!

At that moment I decided to use the power of video animations to increase the effectiveness of my business relationships with customers. But there was a problem: the existing services had exorbitant costs, about 10,000 dollars per minute, far too much for a company like ours. So I tried and made a video for my family's company myself. The first results were really not professional: I did everything, from the script to the animation including the audio, with my voice. I even recorded it in a small room, putting a sock on the microphone to reduce the reverb effect!

I often wished I could communicate in a more attractive, engaging and persuasive way with my customers

And yet my clients appreciated the first animations so much that they asked me who they could contact to realize that kind of thing. A great idea popped into my mind, why not offer that service by myself? I didn't do it because I needed it: the family business was fine, just like it was the financial aspect. I did it for the pure pleasure of daring, and believing in my entrepreneurial instinct: I took up the challenge and I created the video animation company.

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